Synchronicity Blog: Synchronicity and Me
Synchronicity Blog
What is the architecture when one experiences synchronicity? After the incredible escalation of amazing coincidences, improbably happenings and unlikely occurrences to do with my love of Victoria, meeting Gerry Deiter and taking over his after-life I have decided to record them for everyone’s amusement and tutelage.

By after-life I mean it was tragic that he died in 2005 just when all the doors were opening, finally, for him. But I have been able to achieve my main goals to do with the book and the images:

  • to raise him from obscurity to his proper place - one of the great 60s photographers.
  • to encourage others to give peace a chance in whatever way they wish.
  • to not be afraid to make art and show it proudly. For every person, the process of creating art is the same, therefore everyone is an artist..

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